No strength to do the right thing

There are nearly 300,000 people living in eastern San Diego County, but apparently they aren’t very important to area broadcast mogul John Lynch (btw: father of football star John Lynch). His radio station the “Mighty” 1090 doesn’t have the signal strength to reach East County. That might not matter, but Lynch’s station somehow managed to wiggle its way into winning the Padres radio broadcast contract.

Forget for a moment the incredible stupidity of the Padres in not ensuring their broadcast partner could reach the entire market, what sort of businessman would even pursue a business arrangment that he knows upfront he won’t be able to satisfactorial deliver on? How about one who doesn’t care?

… But Lynch did say “no additional stations” would carry the Padres. It’s 1090, period.

“We’re real pleased with the way the (2004) season went and I think the Padres are, too,” Lynch said.

I wrote a profile of Lynch once for a magazine in San Diego. Went to his house. Met his son (then a stand out high school quarter back). (The resulting article was not one of my finest moments as a writer, as my profile writing style was still immature at that time — fortunately the magazine went out of business and you probably can’t find the article anywhere except the bottom of my closet.) Based on meeting him, I thought Lynch was a good guy. I think I need to reassess my opinion. Lynch’s cavalier attitude toward an important region in San Diego County is appalling.

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