The norg wiki

Here’s the Norg Wiki.

If you don’t know what a norg is, this should help:

On October 24, 2005 Will Bunch, of the Philadelphia Daily News, put out a call for conversation, on the future of newspaper journalism. He coined the term “Norg” to represent a new form of news organization that isn’t defined by the paper itself.

Karl Martino, of Philly Future, and a previous Knight Ridder software engineer, contacted technologists and writers, to participate, to share ideas, and build bridges between different points of view.

The discussion now comprises of assorted minds from the upper management of traditional news organizations to the trenches of independent media, from seasoned journalists to young news consumers, from personal bloggers to online community hosts, from software engineers, to media entrepreneurs.

Wendy Warren, of The Philadelphia Daily News, and Susie Madrak of Suburban Guerilla organized, managed and led an unconference, that took place March 25, 2006. A group of about 40 met at Penn’s Annenberg School. During the unconference a tone was struck for what is hoped will be a lasting, organic conversation about the necessary adaptations for journalism in the 21st century.

Not much new here if you’re already emmersed in this stuff, but some good resources. If this way of thinking about news is new to you, then the collection of resource links on this site is a good place to start.

I do have to wonder why a supposedly public service project like this is running Google AdWords.

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  1. Howard, I realize there is a job-related purpose to your blog, but I also take your blog as a personal blog. And a blog is a great place to experiment and learn with those sort of things.

    My comment was aimed more at the idea that this is supposedly a public service site with multiple contributors. I’d be interested to know where the click revenue is going.

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