Not that Instapundit needs any defenders …

I just can’t believe anybody would say anything this stupid:

“He presents opinions of people who agree with him as facts and distorts the positions of people who disagree with him,” said Martin Wisse, who runs the Progressive Gold blog. “In short, he poses as an objective journalist when he’s not.”

I mean, how much of an idiot do you have to be to think that any BLOG!!!! is “objective” journalism??? That’s like expecting an Islamofascist to be pro-American.

Let’s take this apart piece by piece …

He presents opinions of people: Yes, he does

who agree with him: yes, he does

as facts: um, well, I don’t see how that can possibly be true since, um, all he does is quote and link … and the opinions of other people pretty much speak for themselves as opinion … ummmm

distorts the positions people who disagree with him: All I can say is, prove it. As near as I’ve ever seen is Glenn provides quotes and links to people who disagree with him, and sometimes provides a counter argument. That’s hardly “distorting.”


I suggest Mr. Wisse do a little class time in journalism and argumentation.

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