A note from grumpy

Sorry for the light posting the last couple of days.  I know that disappoints my five fans (hey, a month ago it was only three, so we’re making progress).

Work has just been hell. It’s not just the hours, it’s the amount of concentration that is going into what I’m doing.  My brain is fried.

Plus I have THREE fantasy baseball league drafts to prepare for.

I haven’t had a drink in FOUR days.

And it doesn’t look like any of this is going to get better any time soon.

I did write a longish piece related to the war the other day, and I may post it in the morning (frankly, I’ve offered it to another publication — really with the expectation it would be rejected because I only gave them 48 hours to decide on it, which is kind of rude and not a lot of time, but there is a very timely element to it … by the morning evening, it could be outdated).

Other than that, frankly, I’m sick of discussing the war.  I feel like I’ve said all I have to say on it.  I’ve taken it on from every angle. I’ve argued and debated and scorned and insulted, and at the moment I feel wrung out. That could change. I’ve felt this way before, but as I get increasingly snippy with my friends, and even worse with my enemies, I think, geez, maybe I should just think about baseball for a while. Play my guitar. Talk to my wife, for a change. 

I’m grumpy, I guess. Rightly so, I figure. But I also figure I should find other things to write about, but right now I just don’t have the time.

I’ll keep trying to post stuff — war related or not — so that this place doesn’t become a total wasteland.  You never know when a brust of creativity is going to spring forth.

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