Notorious Cherry Bombs, Crowell and Gill

I’m a huge Rodney Crowell fan. His three most recent albums have been among the best country music ever recorded. He’s a poet and a master of melody.

Vince Gill, not so much. I give him his due, though, he’s an exceptionally talented musician. Some of his early stuff is actually good.

Last week, Billie and I were driving through Boron listening to X-Country on XM when a line in a song caused us both to crack up: “It’s Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night that Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long.”

The XM display said the band was the Cherry Bombs. Never heard of them.

I just a little googling. It turns out, they are the Notorious Cherry Bombs, a country super group first formed before either Gill or Crowell were stars. They recently put out a CD together.

Here’s the video for the song.

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2 thoughts on “Notorious Cherry Bombs, Crowell and Gill

  1. Totally agree on Crowell. It’s cool to see a musician really hitting stride in middle age instead of flaring and burning young. I’ve seen Crowell twice: about 20 years ago in a small bar and a few years ago at the Opry. Both great shows. And I’ve bought all three of his most recent CDs. They’re the best work he’s done …

  2. Years ago, before Vince Gill broke as the latest hat-act heart-throb, I attended a smallish concert with Gill as the opening act and Crowell as the headliner. It was a great evening, particularly when encore time rolled around, and Gill and his band joined Crowell and his. They tore the place up.

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