Observations on current.com

So, you would think that a site that is so clearly aimed at a younger audience wouldn’t need to create a tutorial on how to use the site and participate, but that’s what Current.com has done.

It would be easy to assume that Current is just being condescending, but it’s not like the people behind Current are inexperienced. There’s some smart people running the site.

So, the next question might be — if Current thinks it’s net-savvy audience needs some pointers, why wouldn’t a newspaper.com?

As for the site itself: The first thing that jumps out at me is the navigation. The “explore,” “connect,” “contribute” and “watch tv” nav elements make it very obvious what this site is about. From a usability standpoint, Current.com is doing a lot of things right — there’s multiple ways to find content and people, and every piece of content is clearly identified by type (thumbnails have little icons in the upper right).

The FAQ is one of the most useful ones I’ve come across.

Current has also provided a place for uses to share tips on production and gear.

There’s no real point to this post … I just landed on the site and noticed some interesting things.

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