OK, I’ll post something …

Here’s your chance to get a preview of what Ken Layne’s been promising for oh these many weeks — a track off his new CD, “Mama, Take Another Stand.” It’s not the final mix, but Ken was kind enough to IM me the link last night and I already burned it on CD. Listened to it in the Toy on the way to work and on the way home. It makes that big old beast rock like it was on a mountain trail. Just like Layne promised, the song is filthy, nasty, funky and freaky — big drums (presumably to be made bigger in the final mix), heavy bass and devilish guitars. Imagine Gram Parsons backed by Uncle Tupelo, produced by George Clinton, with Stevie Vai from “Cross Roads” on guitar. The sound is already stingray sharp and clear. I look forward to hearing the final mix.

I spent most of the evening recording my own new composition. A little political ditty I hope to subject you to within the next several days. I’ve got an OK take, but I want to do it a few more times and refine my performance — it will still suck, cause I have very limited musical talent, unlike Layne, but I’ve never been afraid to embarrass myself.

Speaking of embarrassing — the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have for more seasons than not, been a better team than the Padres, but try as they might, they have a hard time beating the Padres. Tonight, they played their last game against the Padres in San Diego Stadium. Their overall record there, 152-154, including tonight’s loss, which officially eliminated the Dodgers from playoff contention. Words can’t express how good that makes me feel.

As for this post — I take it all back. It was a stupid idea. I’m not entirely comfortable with Arnold’s performance — it tried to interrupt AH too much (regardless of how rude she was, it wasn’t gentlemanly) — but McClintock would still have a hard time winning. Also if AS dropped out to help TM, you’d be more likely to see AH and Camejo drop out to help Cruz. And if TM drops out, you might see at least AH drop out. So the best thing, maybe, is for both GOPers to stay, but for the party to still find a way to fall in line behind AS, as seems to be happening.

I am very much in the “anybody but Cruz” camp. After Davis, we can ill afford a socialist like Cruz in the office, not while the left wing of the Dems control the state Legislature.

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