Online revenue not replacing print ad loses

There’s been a few stories on the web recently about newspaper industry revenue, including online. This Phil Rosenthal piece sums up the situation best.

Here’s the math problem confronting newspapers:

If online advertising goes up 31.5 percent in 2006 while print advertising falls 1.7 percent, is it a good year?

The answer: Almost.

…. The $637 million increase from the Internet couldn’t offset the $797 million decrease on the print side, which left a $160 million shortfall in 2006.

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1 thought on “Online revenue not replacing print ad loses

  1. This is why newspapers need to take steps toward printing and distributing more efficiently. Everyone is wasting money and time printing entire sections of the newspaper that the subscriber never readers because he or she only ever reads certain parts of the newspaper.

    Stop wasting paper. Implement zoning by interest.

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