Online video is big and getting bigger

What, you think this video thing is just a fad?

Well, there were 9 billion videos viewed by US media consumers in July.

Three-four users watched video. That’s up four percentage points from the previous month.

Dude, and you’re telling me your newspaper isn’t trying to get as much video online as possible?

Online video is long-tail content. The money will be in producing a lot of it, not in spending hours crafting Emmy-worthy productions.

7 thoughts on “Online video is big and getting bigger

  1. Right and the way to get your output up is to build video literacy throughout the newsroom. You will have to be producing a lot of video content if you really believe you will be turning things around with your Web video.

  2. If online video should be produced in bulk, and much content is viewed long after it has been posted how should Newspapers focused on current events focus online video production? How can they monetize it?

  3. But what kind of videos where that 9 billion? I bet most of them were music videos, home videos, jokes, films, tv episodes… not news video. I’m an avid reader of online news, and I almost never watch any video.

  4. See my previous post on video statistics … a few weeks ago … news is the #1 genre for video watches in all age groups, except for 18-24, and then it’s #2.

  5. Yeah, tons of video, great idea. Put up video of stupid dog tricks on your front page, that is quality content right there. Those Emmy-worthy productions make a difference in the world we live in. At what point in your timeline did the storytelling quality journalism die off? Go produce some more pet trick video for your sites.

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