The perfect music video site

Jake Jarvis, son of media blogger Jeff Jarvis, has created something that is pretty amazing: Middio.

It’s a search engine for legal music videos on YouTube.

Visually, it’s perfect. Functionally, it’s perfect. Conceptionally, it’s perfect.

For months, I’ve been frustrated by how hard it is to find real music videos on YouTube. You have to weed through a lot of junk to get to what you want some times.

I love the fact that Jake is serving up the videos in a more attractive format. I also love the Top 100 feature. Random is cool, too.

This is my new favorite site.
Oh, btw, Jake is only 15.

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4 thoughts on “The perfect music video site

  1. Oh c’mon what’s so impressive? I don’t get it. Is it needed for people who don’t know how to use a search engine / function? Are people really looking for legal music video on YouTube, and why? So they can watch it and put it on their own Web sites, which they can do now without fear of legal reprisal.

    If he’s created a database with a flashy overlay, likewise consider me unimpressed at such a 1950s innovation.

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