Photobucket rules photo sharing

From Om Malik, I learn that PhotoBucket is the the #1 photo sharing site on the Web.

Why is it popular — Om says, cause it’s simple and easy.

Simple and easy is a great strategy. It’s worked for Google. It’s worked for iPod. It’s worked for TiVo (sort of). It’s what I aim for in site design. I’m not always sure it’s achieved, especially with large, complex sites..

I just signed up for a PhotoBucket account. The registration was interesting. The first screen is just user name and password, they they want to know your name, sex, birth date and location. Then they take you through three paid screens — an opportunity to sign up for sponsored e-mail messages. And then they induce the last bit of personal data from you: Your physical address, if you want to enter a photo contest (of course, I did).

PhotoBucket claims 18 million users. If that’s true, the registration system is likely a good deal for the advertisers — it’s worth noting that two of the advertisers where college programs with campuses in Bakersfield, so the ads I saw were pretty well targeted.

I uploaded what I think are some of my best photos. Here’s a slideshow.

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