A post about Josh Wolf

I’ve never written about Josh Wolf previously, but every time I see his name, my blood boils a bit.

There’s no reason this guy should be in jail.

There shouldn’t even be a debate over whether he’s a journalist.

There’s no license to be a journalist. You don’t need the government’s approval to be a journalist. You don’t need a paycheck to be a journalist. You just need the consitituion and a means to report what you know.

When the Josh Wolfs of the world can be jailed for exercising his or her constitutional rights, we’re all in trouble, especially those of us who, as paid professionals, believe in the public right to know.

I just wanted to say that.

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2 thoughts on “A post about Josh Wolf

  1. So they want the guy to snitch and he’s got nothing for them its baffling. But if he did have something I would hope he would want to see the punk who fractured a police officers skull brought to justice rather than spend a little time behind the fence with all the other innocent people in there. Definitely a blood boiling story.

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