P&S journalism is a winner

OK, so we all know I’m a believer in low-cost, lo-fi video journalism. Sure, spend more if you can, but I see a lot of value in quickie, easy and inexpensive. I like it most for reporters as a supplement to their text reporting, but I also see value in using point-and-shoot for video-specific uses. This philosophy continues to draw fire from critics, but I still believe.

My original inspiration for this approach is Knoxnews.com and Random This. Jack Lail and his crew created P&S journalism.

I consider it both a validation of this approach and well deserved recognition for a pioneering effort that Random This won a Digital Edge award last night.

In other Edgie news. Bakersfield.com did not win in its category, which I found utterly disappointing (Rob Curley’s NaplesNews.com won). Steve Yelington, a true pioneer and one of my mentors in a manner of speaking since my earliest days online, won the Innovator of the Year award. I’m very happy for him.

Here’s a fun picture from last night — Me with Steve Dana and John Kunze. Steve was my boss in Ventura. I hired John in Ventura and he eventually replaced me, so you have three generations of VCS new media/digital directors.

UPDATE: Here’s a complete list of winners.  Congratulations to all.

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2 thoughts on “P&S journalism is a winner

  1. Thanks for compliments.

    As to the debate on lo-tech video. Neither I nor you, I’m sure, believe that high-end, high-qualtiy video shouldn’t be done. There are stories that you need to spend the time to tell right.

    What we set out to demonstrate with RandomThis, however, was that the barrier to creating video that Web site viewers will find interesting enough to watch is exceedingly low in terms of dollars and technical requirementes.

    Having something to say wins out. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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