P&S: The punk rock of video journalism

On the 3ccd vs. P&S debate, Will Sullivan gets it.

I can appreciate both views, but lean closer to the point and shoot/less expensive camera crowd, mainly because I can relate to having to work with in a budget, especially a tight one. (The point and shoot/less expensive camera, DIY mentality really tickles my punk rock roots). And a lot of photographers turning to video really don’t understand that newspaper budgets are being demolished, it sucks (especially at papers that are doing well, but not well enough for Wall Street) but it has happened. What happened to the old photojournalism quote — “F8 and be there� (For photo newbies–�F8″ refers to a medium aperture setting that will catch detail at most distances and “be there,� meaning… you can’t document news if you aren’t there at the ‘decisive moment’ as Henri Cartier-Bresson often discussed).You adapt and make due with what you can. We don’t all have the privilege of working at the Washington Post or Network TV. The key is that you’re doing something, and the best you can, with what you can.

He also makes a good point about the need to make video production more conversational.

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