Quein Sera

Cha Cha Anyone?The best reason to prowl thrift stores, picking through dusty bins of old LPs is the chance that you might find a hidden treasure — a forgotten piece of music that remains obscure, but is still remarkable.

To this day, I think my best find was a single song — “Quien Sera,” performed by an unknown group of Porta Rican muscians on side two of an LP that surely began it’s life in the drugstore bargain bin. The LP is Cha Cha Anyone? and features, primarily, the work of Paquitin Lara. Lara’s work is good, but side two, which isn’t Lara at all, is truly a gem, capped by that moving performance of “Quein Sera.” (The LP is now available on CD as Latin Heat.)

But why take my word for it? Here’s what I’m talking about.

The melody, which is pure passion, will be familiar to fans of Dean Martin, who recorded the Anglosized “Sway With Me.”

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