Radio, Radio

Here’s a couple of things on radio and podcasts:

Chris Anderson has a wide-ranging post on how long-tail economics and digital evolutions are changing radio.

The Boston Globe reveals some of the challenges of podcasting, such as lack of professionalism, no revenue stream, small audiences, and though it can be done cheaply, it ain’t free for the content producers. Of course, some of those bugs could be considered features. One of the charms of podcasts is its unmanaged sense of real people opening the doors of their lives to anyone who cares to listen. Something Newsweek doesn’t seem to get. It’s new podcast is really just NPR-light. It’s slick and professional, but lacks personality. It’s a test: Is there a future for corporate podcasts? Of course, the good news is that a big media company is showing enough gumption to experiment with a media concept that 95 percent of the populace knows nothing about.

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