Reaction to 12 steps for journalists

It’s always fun when other people link to one of your posts. It’s a nice endorsement.

It’s cool when somebody adds a bit of information, debates or agrees, makes that link back to your post with some additional bit of conversation.

One thing that my posts have rarely inspired is a longer, more thoughtful examination of the same issue. This Web Pro News piece by Jason Lee Miller does that. It’s in reaction to my post on 12 things journalists can do to save journalism (probably the most linked-to piece I’ve had in five years of blogging).

So how does journalism survive itself in the age of New Media? The way it has in ages past, the way everything survives: it adapts. In Owen’s aforementioned post, he recommends journalists become, or at least mirror their greatest threat.

Think, behave, report like a blogger – while, somehow, keeping with your standards and practices, your professional pedigree, your certifications, your piece of paper that says you know what you’re doing. Adopt, understand, and use the new technology before you. But above all, you must engage the audience where the audience is, and come down from your marble hill.

6 thoughts on “Reaction to 12 steps for journalists

  1. […] o jornalismo Outubro 3, 2007 Posted by Luis Santos in Futuro, Jornalismo, Participação. trackback Há três dias Howard Owens escreveu aquele que – por admissão própria – se tornou no maispolémico e discutido post do seu blog. Em “12 coisas que os jornalistas podem fazer para salvar o jornalismo” Owens diz-nos que a mudança precisa de surgir por vontade individual de cada jornalista: We have decades and decades invested in doing things based on old rules. Now, the rules have changed, and newsrooms need to change as well. We need new attitudes and new cultures. This will only happen if individual journalists put forward the effort to change their minds about what their jobs are and how they do them. […]

  2. It is not necessarily an endorsement when someone links to your blog. They could very well think it half-baked and only want to bring attention and/or criticism to it.

  3. Damn, Ron, you know, in five years of blogging, I never knew that. It just never occurred to me that I could click on a link and go read a post and see what another blogger said about something I wrote.


    Thanks for educating me.

  4. Great insight Ron and a solid framework to help journalists. We’ve added a couple of other suggestions – ‘Get Search’ and ‘Have An Opinion’ – and reiterated the need for journalists to do this themselves, rather than waiting for their boss to educate them.

  5. I like what Jason wrote. That’s the good way of thinking for journalist who see the value of using new medias for their reports.

    Journalist….Do what you normally do but need some change like learning how and using tools of today for the better and “be in front before being left out or being diposable”

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