Remembering Loring AFB and War Games

There’s a seen in the 1983 film War Games where all the generals aren’t sure if the Russian nukes are really going to hit the U.S. The first nukes will hit, if they’re real, Loring AFB in Maine.  In that scene, the generals call the command center up at the Strategic Air Command base, but none of the officers are there. They’ve all abandoned their posts.  The only person in the command center is a scared airman.  He had been the security guard outside the door.

In 1980-81, I was a cop stationed at Loring AFB. During Defcon alerts, cops pulled extra security duty.  More than once, I was that young airman guarding the door of the command center.

That’s all a flashback after just learning that nearly 25 years later, there is finally going to be a War Games 2.

Loring AFB no longer exists, so which air base gets “nuked” this time?

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