A reminder about MediaGeeks.org

MediaGeeks.org is the media-specific search engine I created several weeks ago using Google Customer Search.

If you haven’t tried it yet, please do.

Personally, I’ve found it very useful for looking stuff I’ve read some place some time but forgotten where, or even if I can remember I read in in Romenesko or elsewhere, it’s a quick and convenient way to find the exact post I want.

Also, any bloggers who would be willing to add a link to their blog roll to MediaGeeks.org, that would be greatly appreciated.

5 thoughts on “A reminder about MediaGeeks.org

  1. This weekend, I was trying to remember where I had read something about reporters pictures appearing with their bylines online. I was certain I’d read something about it recently but where was long forgotten. Then, I remembered seeing the mediageeks search bar on Wired Journalists. It quickly helped me find the Ask the Recruiter bit I was looking for, so I could include that link in a blog post.

    So consider that a long testimonial/thank you.

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