Roanoke’s TimesCast is good

Earlier, I said — more video, less production.

I’ve also been second guessing in my own mind the idea of a newspaper doing a video of recapped headlines, sort of a TV-like newscast.

I just checked out Roanoke’s TimesCast for the first time. I’d just like to know how it’s doing for them on traffic/popularity, because it’s mighty engaging. What makes it good, of course, are the people — they inject verve and personality into every segment. This isn’t just a static restatement of the news, but a very creative and un-TV-like approach to news.


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9 thoughts on “Roanoke’s TimesCast is good

  1. Howard — Thank you for the “kudos” —

    I am the Multimedia Editor at — and the one who makes sure the TimesCast is working correctly — I designed and implemented the cast and handle the technical stuff. — The player should work back to Flashplayer 6 .

    We really enjoy putting out the TimesCast. Any questions you have about it or any other piece of multimedia we do — I am very willing to answer via email or on the phone.

    btw — check out or sports timescast

    — here is a link to the FAQ to find out more about the TimesCast itself.

    again thanks,


    Seth M. Gitner
    Multimedia Editor
    The Roanoke Times/

  2. n.l.

    you should not be having any problems — I am very intrigued by your technical issue — please contact me directly — my info can be found at

    also Angela — the Halloween Cast is the best one ever — yes it is a “TRUE TALKING HEAD” — The real brains behind that goes to our daily timescast multimedia producer — Daine — the man behind the camera —

    he should take credit for the great post production work he does 5 days a week.


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