Rockin’ on the River

KNOXVILLE, TENN. — Rough day. Staying up until 4 a.m. laughing at Jayson Blair and scheming on world domination with a cigar in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other, is not conducive to hiking in the Smokies, meeting Instapundit and then going to a Johnny A. concert on the Tennesse River … but that’s my day.  I’m  sure Glenn Reynolds thought I was totally one brain dead individual, but by the time we made it Charlie Peppers, I was brain dead.

Meeting Glenn was really cool, though. He’s a hell of a nice guy. He is real. I’ll have pictures later to prove it.  We had a good converstation and he seemed to enjoy meeting Bob Benz .

Tomorrow, I’ll see if I can catch a plane out of Nashville and start working my way back to California.

Knoxville is a great town. I hope I make it back.

More laterm.

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