Sad news on the doorstep …

Johnny CashMy step-son would wake me up at 6 a.m. only for big news. The big news — Johnny Cash died.

We knew he was sick. We knew June died a couple of months ago. We know he lived a full life. And we thank God for that life.

I will wear black today. It isn’t saddness. It is thank you. There were few musicians in the 20th Century who had his integrity or who made greater music.

Here is an appreciation of JC I wrote earlier this year.

The more shocking news, and therefore the bigger news, is John Ritter died. Ritter, besides being a television star who actually deserved his fame, was also the son of California country musician Tex Ritter. Ritter’s death is sad news. His death was unexpected, and it comes just after an unexpected comeback recently.

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