The sad story of a startup trying to do business with a big corporation

Mike Orren of Pegasus News thought he had a content sharing deal worked out with a Fox affiliate only to have the whole thing blow up in his face at the 11th hour. He shares the whole painful story:

Late Wednesday afternoon, my phone rang with Saunders and Mahaney on the other end. A vigorously unnamed FOX exec, who it was now admitted had been against the deal happening at all on the conference call about the press release had visited our site and seen that the requested text change had not yet gone into effect and unilaterally called off the whole deal. Yes, no one told us that the request was critical. No, there was no explaining that. No, there was no chance of reasoning, discussing or even learning who had cut the deal off at the nub. No, no part of the partnership could be salvaged. Everything Fox needed to come off our site and we wouldn’t be working together on hyperlocal news.

Those corporate suits can be such idiots, uh?

(via Local Onliner)

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2 thoughts on “The sad story of a startup trying to do business with a big corporation

  1. Hey Howard: Thanks for the mention and the sympathy. I’d call it more the 13th hour, as we’d been running the video for about four days before it hit the fan.

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