Saving newspapers

Good post from Peter Krasilovsky on API’s Newspaper Next project and sniping by Jeff Jarvis and Jay Rosen.

I’m not one of those people who hate newspaper companies, the way Jarvis and Rosen seem, too. I personally know several smart, driven, talented people who are fully dedicated to finding the new way of doing business. Some newspaper companies still aren’t trying, or barely trying, but there are some good efforts underway, and more to come. Some people are going to get it right, and some won’t. Some newspaper companies or newspapers won’t make it. Jarvis and Rosen are both smart people, but I don’t think you can generalize that the industry is stupid and doomed. Maybe I’m taking away the wrong message from Peter’s post, but that’s my initial response.

UPDATE: Good, related quote from Mark Morford (via Romenesko):
“So are newspapers dying? Is this the question? The answer is: of course not. Then again, yes. Just not in the way you think. They are merely shifting, peeling back, juggling approaches and reorganizing ideas, all in order to be reborn. In order to adapt. In order to compete and breathe and thrive and become the new-new thing, which will be the same as the old thing, only with better reception and a universal adapter and a solar-powered battery.”
Read the whole thing.

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