Searching for code

Krugle is a new search engine for coders (via John Battelle). What’s most interesting, is that rather than take you to a page where you’re going to find the code and see it in action, the search results are the actual code itself. If you go there, try a search for “DHTML menu” and you’ll see what I mean.

For hard core coders who can read JavaScript like the rest of us read Hemingway, this is probably need no big deal. Me, I want to see my code in action before I hassle with putting it on my own page. A site like Dynamic Drive does that.

The other item of interest is that the site frames all its search results, so I can’t link to a search query for you. The actual sites are also framed, so you can’t bookmark your newly acquired favorite page. A bit nicer feature is how anything you click on becomes part of a tabbed menu.

Code writers must like this sort of search engine, though. There’s already

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