So many blogs, so little time

It seems like there are lots of new journalism/newspaper blogs popping up.  It’s great to see, but I can’t keep up.

If you own a blog focused on media, especially newspapers and newspaper-style journalism, I would be happy to add you to the blog roll.  And I’ll also subscribe to your feed.

A link back to is always appreciated.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed here.

I can be reached at howard owens (oneword) at gmail dot com.

3 thoughts on “So many blogs, so little time

  1. Thanks for the blog roll add, Howard. Today, I considered changing my tag line from “muffin but trouble” to “HOWARD OWENS IS RIGHT.”

  2. Funny, I was just in the middle of what’s turning into a monthly feed-pruning session… not that this was on it or anything… but, hey, check your RSS template — on the bottom of each post there are two lines that each say “time saved.” No spam link or anything. Just time saved.

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