Some Changes

When I came back to blogging, I thought I’d try some experiments. 

I wanted to make the blog more magazine like, so I set up the home page to have a featured article, links to interesting articles and other blogs.  I’ve changed most of that.  I’m keeping the featured post at the top of the home page, but I’m dropping the other elements and making the rest of it like a normal blog.  If it’s still not enough of a traditional blog for you, you can still use the “Blog” link to the left and go to that page.

Also, you’ll notice the return of “comments.”  There are two things going on here. One is that I want to play around with Haloscan, which seems like a pretty good comment system.  The other is, I miss having comments.  Only one reader has asked for them, but then, I don’t have as many readers as I once did (you could help by linking to me!).  The main thing I want to avoid is getting sucked into stupid arguments.  I’ll just have to test my discipline to say out of such things.

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