Space Brothers Landing Party

Unarius Academy of ScienceThe Space Brothers is not some ’60s psychedelic rock group. They are the extraterrestrials who are with us now, omniscient and everpresent, guiding the enlightened toward peace and harmony and a higher conscientiousness, or so teaches Unarius, a 50-year-old UFO contactee group based in El Cajon.

The Unarius Academy of Science has been on Magnolia Avenue since 1974 and is one of San Diego’s more curious buildings. It’s plain exterior hides the spritely glitter and grandiose decorations inside.

Unariuns believe that the Space Brothers, aliens from 32 other planets, are in the process of preparing earth and its inhabitants for membership in their interplanetary federation of love. One of these days — and they’ve canceled previous arrivals — they will land their flying saucers in Jamul (just outside of El Cajon), where Unarius co-founder Ruth Norman bought land for the purpose, and form a tower of spaceships high into the sky, and show us the way.

The cult — which at one time reported 10,000 members — also believes in angels, reincarnation and channelling. Original visionary Ernest Norman claims to have been Jesus Christ. Ruth had come to earth previously as Buddha, Socrates, King Arthur, Confucius, and King Poseid of Atlantis. Any member can channel either one of these or other historical figures, as well as specific Space Brothers, when important messages must be shared.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a community where Uniriuns have secured public access television time, you can see for yourself what Unarius is all about.

More fascinating background here.

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