Survey says …. Outlaw Spam!

I have five e-mail addresses I use daily. I get about 600 spams per day. I’m sick to death of spam. I’m all for making it illegal. Its frustrating to deal with and a waste of time. I don’t need my penis enlarged, thank you, and I need no help picking up girls, or losing weight, or getting rich, or hooking up DirecTV, or buying CDs or DVDs — I don’t need any of it. I don’t want any of it. And I didn’t ask for any of it.

The most frustrating spams to get are those that say — “You’re getting this because you told one of our marketing partners that you wanted to get special offers such as this one. Our e-mail list is 100 percent opt-in!” BULL SHIT!!!!. Double Bull Shit. Bull Shit with Whipped Cream on Top!!!! I have opted-in to nothing and I have given permission to no one to send me this crap, marketing partners or otherwise. I swear, I’m never buying anything from Omaha Steaks. Ever.

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