Speaking truth to the blogosphere

From Steve Yelvington:

Speaking truth to power isn’t just about confronting the government and big corporations. As the Internet shifts power to individuals, we need to be speaking truth to the blogosphere as well.

Those who know Steve know he’s a big champion of citizen media, so this isn’t just some big media suit slamming the blogosphere.

Creators of citizen media don’t always get it right, and when they get it wrong, big media needs to call them on it. If this is the new era of “journalism as a conversation,” it isn’t a monologue. If bloggers expect big media to suck it up and take its lumps when it’s wrong, then bloggers need to know they are going to take it on the chin once in a while, too.

Kudos to the LAT for fighting back. It is this kind of dialogue that makes us all better informed.

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