Still, no DSL

I’m back in the office to post a couple of things — still no DSL at home.

It’s not the DSL connection, it’s not the hub, it’s not the modem. One by one, tech support and myself has elminated those as the potential source of problems. For example, I can plug in my old tired Mac and access the internet just fine.

So we thought it might be my machine, so I took it into my local bit and byte dealer to have the tech there take a look. He plugged it into their PacBell DSL connection, and it worked just fine. So it’s not my computer.

The last thing to check was the actual cable running from the computer to the modem … cause I used a different one with the Mac (which worked) than I did with the PC (which didn’t). So I plugged the cable I knew to be working into the PC … still no DSL.

So, PacBell is send a tech to my house Monday evening.

Blogging was going to be light the rest of this weekend anyway, just hope I can get back up and running Monday.

Meanwhile, go read Welch.

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