seeks to build community around stories

Two TV journalists have quit their day jobs and started an online video site,

From Lost Remote:

WISC news anchor Katy Sai and photographer Jay Olsen were tired of fighting for time to produce longer, relevant stories, so they quit and launched It’s a showcase for in-depth pieces, but more than that, their goal is to create communities around great stories. “We found that communities of people were thirsty for information,� Olsen said. “When you do extended coverage, it allows people to gather around this story thread.�

I’m skeptical about the demand for longish video stories on the web, but on the other hand the idea of creating community around long stories is intriguing.

There’s a story under Katy Chronicles called Team Picture that I would like to link to and comment on, but there’s no permalink to that particular video.

Also, I can’t find an RSS feed, nor is it possible (at least in an obvious, user-friendly way) to embed a video in your own blog post.
So much for community.

But at least the videos are well shot and well edited. I recommend the site to newspaper video shooters looking for tips and techniques.

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  1. […] A new, online only “TV channel” from a couple of veteran newsers who want to take the story telling further. Howard Owens is skeptical about the demand for longer-form video stories (I disagree), while Cory Bergman thinks the idea is terrific. It’s another strong example of the new media spaces that are emerging, all of which are in the great competition for attention. […]

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