Migrating from Drupal to WordPress

Some years ago, I stopped blogging on howardowens.com for personal and professional reasons.

With the site dormant, it became an easy target for script kiddies. I had a major problem with spam being injected into the site. I didn’t have time for proper security. So I migrated all my posts to a Drupal installation on a new host (I also felt my former host had its own security issues it wasn’t addressing).

Drupal to WordPress

Drupal to WordPress

While I think Drupal has been great for The Batavian and has its place in the online publishing world, it’s not a great individual blogging platform. In short, I missed WordPress (even though my first blogging platform I built myself from scratch in Cold Fusion).

I especially came to miss it after I launched VuFindr.com nearly a year ago (almost to the day). Working in VuFindr every day for the past year just made it really clear that if I really wanted to do any kind of personal blogging again, I needed to migrate my content back to WordPress.

Well, it turns out, it’s a lot easier to get content into Drupal than get it out.

I read the online instructions and realized it was something I could noodle my way through if I were willing to set aside several hours to do it.

Well, I don’t have several hours for such a project.

So my dream of converting back to WordPress languished.

I offered to pay a couple of people I know to do the work, but they weren’t interested.

Then two days ago I discovered almost by accident a service offered by Jordi Cabot, a man in France, who has made a business for himself converting Drupal sites to WordPress. It’s calld migratetowp.com. For a mere $100 he did the job for me, was super friendly and super responsive — it was an all around great experience working with him. I gather he can handle other platform migrations, such as Joomla to WordPress, as well. So, for anybody who needs to migrate from one CMS to WordPress, I highly recommend you hire Jordi.