BlogTalkRadio interview at NAA Connections conference

If you missed the live stream yesterday, and you care, the archive of my interview with Mel Taylor on BlogTalkRadio yesterday can be found here

More interviews from the NAA conference can be found here.

UPDATE: My coworker Shannon Dunnigan also interviewed. I also just finished listening to my friend Bob Benz, who has some interesting things to say about his new venture.

Upcoming interview on BlogTalkRadio

I’ll be in Orlando, Fla. for the next few day attending the NAA’s Connections conference.

Beth Lawton was kind enough to schedule me for an interview with BlogTalkRadio while I’m there.  

Her post on it can be found here

What I didn’t realize is that people — people like you — can ask questions live during the interviews.

There’s a pretty impressive cast of industry leaders among those slated for interviews throughout the conference. Check Beth’s post for a line up.

The BlotTalkRadio page for the conference is here

My interview is scheduled for Monday at 1 p.m.  I have no idea what I’m going we’re talk about or be asked, so it should be terrifyingly entertaining.

If you’re attending Connections and want to meet for drinks or coffee, drop me a line at howard owens (oneword) at gmail dot com.