Be careful with those shared CMS’s, or you just might wind up getting more explicit than you intend

Would you run something like this in your traditional newspaper?

I’m a bisexual woman, age 20, and I am threesome-ing it with my best friend and her boyfriend during a stay abroad. I knew the girl (who’s mostly straight) beforehand. The girl thinks it’s hot when I participate — i.e., when it’s all three of us in bed …

I don’t think many publishers would. Most newspaper editors would fly into a eye-bulging rage if this accidentally appeared under their mastheads.

But what happens when your newspaper uses the same CMS as your wannabe alt-weekly? Well, such edgy content just might appear as if it was published in your mainstream news edition, as it does currently in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. The column originally appeared in the D&C’s Rochester Insider.

A Rochester-area blogger writing for Rochester Turning found the post by accident while using the D&C’s Planet Discover-powered federated search engine.

Personally, I think most old-line editors will think this kind of double posting is more damaging to the brand than it is, but it is something to consider if you’re sharing a CMS (apparently, especially Saxotech) with a racier sister pub.

Hat tip to Rottenchester.