Our house is still for sale


Here is the revised video of our house for sale. We shortened it up and took out the narration, along the lines of advice from Jason Gillies. Not that we are feeling too optimistic about selling it any time soon.

We’d love to leave this butt-ugly town and put behind us all that it represents, but we’re stuck. We could get real creative on financing for a qualified buyer, but nobody is stepping forward to say, “help me buy the home I never thought I could afford.”

Meanwhile, we’ve discovered Canandaigua, New York. Billie and I have decided whenever we can finally move, this is where we’ll move to. The housing prices are cheaper and the taxes are lower than the Rochester/Fairport area. Here’s a picture of the lake I took during my last visit.

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Billie’s Halloween

Billie's pumpkinThe fall is Billie’s favorite time of year. She loves Halloween and Thanksgiving.

In Spring Valley and Ventura, we never had many trick-or-treaters. It had me thinking, Halloween was dead as a children’s adventure night. Every year, I would witness Billie’s disappointment when we had much left over candy and few little goblins and ghosts.

This year was our first year in our Bakersfield house (and almost certainly our last).

Billie got all costumed up as a court jester for tonight, not knowing what to expect. She had bought two big bags of candy, and I chided her for her extravagance.

The first tricksters showed up at 6:15. By 7, I was jumping in my car to rush off to the store and buy two more bags (large bags) of candy. By 8, we were out of candy and turning off the porch light.

In our 13 years of marriage, it is the first year Billie ever got to enjoy an seemingly endless stream of candy seekers. She had a blast.

The picture is of the jack-o-lantern she made. Here’s her blog post on Halloween.

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A picture of Fiona

FionaThis morning, I was up early for some odd reason. At 6 a.m., I’m sitting in my living room with my laptop and I look up and see Fiona sitting on the hi-fi, gazing up at the light in the ceiling. “Damn, I wish I had my camera, I thought.” As she sat motionless, I thought, “Maybe I can creep into the other room and get my camera without alarming her?” (she gets jumpy sometimes). I did, and she didn’t move. I made it back to my chair without her moving. I was able to snap off six pictures before she jumped down. This is the best of them.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the poor positioning of the clock behind her. It should be either fully visible or fully hidden, I think. I’m not sure I could have done much about it, but I might have tried had I been more mindful. I was more concerned about exposure and focus.

Also, check out my long, long rose stems.

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Open House Sunday from 1-4

If you’re in Bako tomorrow (Sunday) and want to see our house, come on by between 1 and 4 p.m.

Do you think you can’t afford our house? You should talk with us. If you can qualify for a loan (and I know a whiz of a mortgage guy), you can buy our house — no money down, no closing costs.

Check it out.

Trip report

Friday evening I returned from two weeks on the East Coast. My swing took me through New York City (on 9/11, no less), Rochester/Fairport, Fredericksburg and Boston/Quincy. Of course, I took pictures.

In NYC, I stayed at the New Yorker and saw the Empire State Building.

In Fairport, I spent my Saturday driving around and saw an old barn, a train, a church and I found a cigar shop. I also drove to Batavia for a gathering of master gardeners, where I learned that growing roses in upstate NY is hard. There are some great buildings in Batavia such as this one and this one.

Then I spent one day in Fredericksburg, Va. There I saw a building with a canon ball in it.

The last stop was Boston, where I made my first visit to Fenway.

Saturday’s news

The garage sale yesterday went just fine. We made a little money and sold about half of what we set out. The rest is now in local charity bins. The highlight of the day was a visit from John Jones, memorialized in a photo here.

During the first couple of hours, I queried many shoppers about how they found out about the garage sale. Our newspaper ad brought in one person. Internet posting brought in no people (unless you count John, who came later in the day) and our yard signs were the big winner.

After the garage sale, I went to the Wasco Rose Festival. Pictures here.

Garage Sale Tomorrow, Saturday 9 a.m.

Hey, Bakersfield buddies, stop by 1200 Shattuck Ave. tomorrow morning about 9 a.m. and buy my crap.

We’ve got my wife’s vintage clothing, CDs, books, two boxes of guitar magazines, various household items.

Think of it this way: We unloaded the real crap in Ventura more than a year ago in two different garage sales and two trips to donation centers. Then we had a garage sale once we moved hear and got rid of even better crap. Now only the best crap is left. That’s right, we’re now selling only quality crap. Come buy it.

Some local art

I was down at Dagney’s a little while ago for some tea and blogging. While there, an art show was setting up. As I was leaving, I stopped and to look at a local photographer’s work. As I was leaving, he handed me his card and invited me to his Web site to check out more of his work. There’s some nice local/regional photos in his collection. The Flash presentation is pretty slick, though I’m not a fan of forced audio. It is, however, quick loading and easy to navigate.

Ten things to do before leaving California

  • Visit the Bakersfield Museum
  • Go to a Blaze game
  • Visit the Wasco Rose Garden
  • Do some sightseeing in the Ridgecrest area
  • Drive Route 66 out to Needles, then come back through Palm Springs and visit the nature garden there
  • Visit Mono Lake
  • Take my wife to see the Grand Canyon
  • Visit a couple of life-long friends
  • Eat one more meal at KC Steakhouse
  • See one more Padres game