Getting to know sharp minds on the East Coast

Up until September 2006, I spent my entire journalism career on the West Coast, and mostly with very little travel.

I knew journalists and newspaper people throughout California, and because of online e-mail lists and such, I knew a handful of people based in other parts of the U.S.

Frankly, I was largely ignorant of a lot of the good work going on in the Northeast.

In these parts, my co-worker Shannon Dunnigan is a heavyweight, but I knew nothing about her before joining GateHouse.  I’ve also gotten to know Dan Kennedy, Sean Polay, Joe Michaud, Lisa Williams, Bob Kempf and Bill Densmore among many others (I know I’m forgetting several people) since arriving in New York.  Hey, I barely even knew my own boss, Bill Blevins, before coming east.

Not long ago, I got to meet and spend time talking with John Wilpers, whom I’ve discovered in one of the sharper minds in online news.  The other day, I got an e-mail from him indicated he launched a new blog.  As I would expect from Wilpers, the topics are fresh, insightful and on target.