Photos from our recent adventures in WNY

We’ve lived in Western New York about seven years now. Out time here hasn’t been without travel, but neither have we had as much time to explore as we might like, especially since The Batavian became our full time job.

People were always surprised when I told them, I’d never been to the City of Buffalo, nor to Niagara Falls, nor to Letchworth State Park. Now, in the space of just a couple of weeks, I’ve been to all three.

First, was Buffalo. A few Sunday mornings ago, I was asked to appear on a Sunday morning talking show on WGRZ. After the show, I took a little time to drive downtown. I was in a big city, but it was a Sunday. The streets were nearly deserted. I found myself before long driving around the McKinley Monument and impressed by the Gotham-city heft of Buffalo’s City Hall.

A week later Billie and I glided into our 20th Wedding Anniversary. We stayed at a Downtown Buffalo hotel (in the slide show, two more pictures of Buffalo City Hall and of an old car on the street below taken from our balcony) and the next day, visited the Martin House (a Frank Lloyd Wright design) and Niagara Falls.

Rounding out our WNY bucket list was a drive through Letchworth last week. This came about because I was hired to photograph a dairy farmer in Great Valley, which is about two hours south of here with Letchworth more or less on the same route. Time was short on the return trip, but we did manage to see the great falls and stop at a couple of lookout over “the Grand Canyon of the East.”