Real name policy on

When I look at the names of the people who have already registered for the new, I see nothing but a list of friends.

And that’s part of what I want for the resurrected  I want this to be a site where people feel safe to discuss whatever issue I happen to introduce in a blog post.

I’m done with trolls.

I’m done with anonymous posters.

On a web site where the expectation is we attract an audience of mature, professional adults, the notion that all participants contribute under the byline of his or her real name shouldn’t seem obscene or unexpected.

As a matter of ethics, I believe anybody in the information business should never, under any circumstances, hide behind a pseudonym.

The real name policy was mocked in comments on Dan Kennedy’s blog. I figure such derisive remarks come from people who somehow just managed to graduate from their AOL account 18 months ago.  I’ve been running online communities for well more than a decade.  I’ve learned a few things. As arrogant as it sounds, I’m not taking lessons from neophytes.

Of course, the question naturally arises: How will I enforce a real name policy? And my only answer is, as best I can.

Basically, if you’re a troll, you won’t last long on my new site.  If you engage in personal attacks against me or other people leaving comments on the site, you will be blocked.

Fake names are generally pretty easy to detect, and since it’s my site, I don’t need proof. I only need suspicion.

Does that mean I’ll delete comments just because a person disagrees with me? Of course not. I happen to love a good discussion over differing views.  But I know it’s also possible to disagree, as they say, without being disagreeable.

Basically, my expectation and what I intend to do enforce as best I an, is that discussions on stick to issues and aim at being instructive.

If my draconian rules mean fewer people will comment, I’m willing to live with that.

And if you think you should be able to spout off whatever bullshit you please without attaching your real name to your opinions, then isn’t the place for you, and I don’t care if you don’t like it. There’s always where any person can rant to his chickenshit anonymous heart’s content.

Ethical people, honest people, always use their real names.