Publish2 gets first-round funding

Congratulations to my friend, Scott Karp, whose fledging business took a big step forward this week.

Today we’re announcing that Publish2 has raised $2.75 million in Series A funding from Velocity Interactive GroupJonathan Miller and Ross Levinsohn will be joining our board (along with Jeff Jarvis and Luke Beatty, who have been close advisors).

Note that along with Howard Weaver, Jack Lail I’m an advisor to Publish2.

Publish2 has a lot of potential to both help bring to the top of the link pile the best of online journalism, but also give newspaper sites a deeper source of content.

Covering Super Tuesday socially

If you need something to spice up your Super Tuesday, why not help cover it socially? Check out the Publish2 Super Tuesday project.

There’s a huge opportunity to help voters find the best election coverage in the sea of election content. Yeah, you can do it by yourself — but on the web, the larger the network, the more influential the linking — time to break down those traditional media silos.

Great chance to learn and experiment with journalists using web 2.0 tools to engage audience.

UPDATE: More on Super Tuesday … a regular reader from the Chicago Tribune dropped sends along word that they’ll be doing interactive video chats tomorrow.