First-ever layoffs at Ventura County Star

When I started at the Ventura County Star in 1999, more than one manager told me that so long as I did my job, I didn’t need to worry about losing my job. The Star had never laid off workers. E.W. Scripps, I was told, didn’t believe in layoffs.

This week the Star announced seven people will lose their jobs as part of the Star’s efforts to reduce expense.

This is how much the industry has changed in just a few short years.

Go win yourself a Scripps Web Reporting Award

As a Scripps alum, I think that the E.W. Scripps company is one of the finest newspaper companies — a long, proud tradition of quality journalism and community service.

It would be an honor, I think, to win an award with the Scripps name on it.

Once again, the Scripps Foundation is offering a web reporting award.

Jack Lail has the details.