WiredJournalists.com passes 400 members in three days

It’s pretty cool to see so many people jumping on board with Wired Journalists.

There’s a positive energy behind it that gets beyond any worries about a dying industry, the struggle to keep up or hand wringing about who is or isn’t doing what?  The people signing up seem real eager to learn or to help others.

I like what Zac Echola said about the site in his post:

We’re done talking doom and gloom. We’re done making lists of what we should do to better serve our audiences. We’re going to start checking off items. We will better serve our audiences.
We want you to join us.

Like I said, a positive energy.

WiredJournalists.com is starting to feel like a petition drive — people joining together to say, “I believe in the future of journalism, and I believe that future is wired.”

Come join the fun.