Introducing, a place people looking for new knowledge to get help

For journalists just starting down the path of transforming their careers and doing the hard work of saving journalism … there is now, the social networking site where journalists help journalists get all this technology stuff and understand it’s import and impact on society and media.

Nice list of digital journalism all stars have already joined, ready to help, along with some people just getting started.

Here’s the mission statement: was created with self-motivated, eager-to-learn reporters, editors, executives, students and faculty in mind.

Our goal is to help journalists who have few resources on hand other than their own desire to make a difference and help journalism grow into its new 21st Century role.

You don’t need the best equipment, the biggest budget or even management support to accomplish worthy goals. The only requirement is a willingness to learn and a mind open to new ways of thinking about journalism.

We are here to help each other learn basic skills and learn how new technology and new societal expectations for media are changing journalism.

At we are all teachers and we are all students. We help each other and learn together. Those who know more should help those who know less. Those with questions should never be afraid to ask them.

We don’t set standards. We encourage you to set your own, but we don’t judge each other’s work based on a-priori, Big-J Journalism approaches.

We believe modern journalism is about self-reliance and a “just do it” attitude. We want to see you learn how to get things done quickly without prejudice over quality or worries about what other journalists might think.

The skills you learn at should help you either serve your community better — whether your publishers and editors recognize the value or not — ­ or enable you to work independently as a self-contained, fully equipped modern journalist.

Pass the link around to your non-wired colleagues.  All of them.