Yah-hoo: Maroon Ventures launches a blog

Here’s a “must add” for your RSS reader and blog roll … the wild bunch (you know, people like Bob Benz and Wes Jackson) over at Maroon Ventures has launched a group blog.

This is a gang of smart people, so we should have high expectations for wise and insightful posts (just raising the bar, Bob!), especially now that they’re cut loose from their corporate newspaper jobs. You know what stiffs those corporate suits are like.

Flickr reportedly nearly ready to offer video

If true, here’s a good move by Yahoo! They’re going to add video to Flickr.

Nobody should expect, I don’t think, for Yahoo!’s Flickr video to overtake Google’s YouTube any time soon, but sometimes being #2 isn’t a bad place to be.

Flickr has a huge user base. Certainly, many of them must be interested in video. Those users can jump-start Flickr video and help Yahoo! start ramping up some market share.

In an era when speed-to-market is paramount, taking a little time to get it right may not be such a bad thing.  If this is true:

Part of the delay may have been a long internal debate about how to make Flickr Video special and distinct from what YouTube already offers.

Innovation is never about big smash break-throughs.  It’s about iterating and re-imagining what has gone before you. And it can simply be sustaining innovation. There is a place for that, too.