Tagliabue resorts to insults and blackmail

Paul TagliabueThe Super Bowl received the second highest ratings in history, this despite a blow out against the favored (and probably favorite) team. And it’s not like the Oakland Raiders are as popular as the Dallas Cowboys or the 49ers in their big eras, yet this game was watched by more people than many memorable Super Bowls.

Might it be that good weather in San Diego encourages people to tune in? I think so, but obviously, Paul Tagliabue doesn’t think so. In fact, Tagliabue can see no good reason to hold the Super Bowl in San Diego. What kind of idiot is he?

In his Friday Q&A session, he made it painfully clear San Diego never again would host a Super Bowl unless a new stadium is built, angering local politicians – and, even more important – other people, when he said: “From my own perspective, I’m surprised that we are here this week.”

There is no more suitable venue in on the West Coast for a Super Bowl than San Diego Stadium, but the NFL is trying to blackmail the city.

My advice to San Diego: Give Tagliabue the finger. If the NFL wants a new stadium, let the league build it. If that costs San Diego it’s franchise, good riddance.

If San Diego really needed a new football stadium, I would be the first to stand up and say, spend whatever it costs to keep the Chargers in town. The Padres desperately needed a new ballpark, and the city rightly spent taxpayer money to make it happen. But the Chargers don’t need it. Not in the least. And certainly not until they give us a winner — not just a one-year winner, but a year after year winner.

Here’s what Don Bauder has to say about owner Alex Spanos’ double-dealing with the people of San Diego. Further evidence that the Chargers do not need, nor do they deserve a new stadium, not one that the taxpayers support.

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