Thanks, TIVO

Racket SquadTIVO thinks I speak Spanish. TIVO thinks I like every crime drama on television. TIVO thinks I like sappy movies just because they’re on HBO. TIVO thinks I like more than a dozen sitcoms I hate. TIVO thinks a lot of things about me that aren’t true.

But one thing that is true — I like 1950s detective stories based in Los Angeles, with lots of fast talking, wise-ass attitude, men in grey suits and dames that would make your gin fizzle. How TIVO figured that out about me, I don’t know, but for the first time, tonight, TIVO taped a show that I dug and wouldn’t have found on my own: Racket Squad (Also available on DVD).

The dialog is banel. The plot predictable. The acting stilted. Even the editing is subpar. It’s so cheesy, only an idiot with no taste would hate it.

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