The best new songs of 2017

I listen to a lot of bad new music so you don’t have to, always searching for great new songs. I keep a constantly rotating playlist of my iPhone of Top 50 New Songs. When I decide a song is worthy, I move it to my Best Downloads playlist. Tonight, I culled the 2017 entries on that list and picked out what are the best songs of 2017.

Rhiannon Giddens – At The Purchaser’s Option

Dead Pretties – Confidence

Ron Gallo – “Put The Kids To Bed”

Hurray For the Riff Raff: “Rican Beach”

Coal Miners, Andrew Joslyn

Priests – JJ

Greta Van Fleet – Highway Tune

Shilpa Ray “Morning Terrors Nights Of Dread”

*repeat repeat – “Girlfriend”

White Reaper – The World’s Best American Band

Father John Misty – Ballad of the Dying Man

The Orwells – Double Feature

I didn’t do a list in 2016 and the song below came out more than a year ago, but the Soft White Sixties dominated a lot of my listening time in 2017, so I wanted to share. Great band from San Francisco. They did release a new album at the end of 2017, but I’ve not absorbed it all yet.

The Soft White Sixties “Sorry to Say”

If I were going to go with a best new band of 2017, I’d pick the Dead Pretties. Only two songs out so far. I can’t wait to hear more from these new Brit punks.

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