The night Dwight Yoakam rocked my world

So, it’s 1987 or so; you’re a 26-year-old male; you’ve spent six months or so living in an apartment bedroom, a roomer, after breaking up with your girlfriend, whom you should never have gotten involved with in the first place.

When not alone in your room or working, you’ve spent your time, usually evenings, at the local bars drinking and listening to the jukebox

Then you’re forced by economic circumstances to move back into that ex-girlfriend’s apartment while she’s overseas.

While living on your own, during those lonely days in your room before this change in circumstance, you’ve spent your time listening to the Stray Cats, Carl Perkins, Sonny Burgess, and Hank Williams. You’ve been thinking, “Man, if I could combine the pure honky tonk sound of Hank Williams with some rockabilly, that would be some music, man.”

In your first week of living back in this ex-girlfriend’s apartment, while she screws another guy overseas, you’re totally depressed about the change in circumstance but still longing for some rockin’ honky-tonk. 

One night, with no cable, you’re flipping through TV channels, a video comes on from an out-of-town TV channel that you never get usually — suddenly, for no explainable reason, you’re watching this video, grainy and distorted, on a black-and-white TV screen. Wow.

You’ve never heard of this Dwight Yoakam dude.

— this would rock your world, don’t you think?

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