Is there a line to be drawn between pros and non-pro journalism?

In a post about radical transparency (a topic I previously touched on), Jeff Jarvis writes:

Believe it or not, I almost think that last one may go too far. There is still a role for authorial responsibility. That doesn’t mean control — yes, by all means, show us the corrections and suggestions, but then do the work to verify and edit.

Which reminded me of what I wrote yesterday:

If I had another piece of advice for publishers considering CC (Creative Commons): Don’t allow remix. News organizations have ethical obligations to accuracy and fairness not to explicitly allow people to change the news. You need to preserve the right to prohibit people from changing the meaning of the content.

The overlap of an idea here is that no matter how open you are to social media (or whatever you want to call it), there is still some point at which to draw the line between authoritative reporting and completely open, anything goes content creation — if you’re a media company.

At least, I think so, but is that just me and Jeff Jarvis still unable to shed the skin of our former journalistic selves, or just a line in the sand of compromise that no journalist should cross?

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