2 thoughts on “Thought of the day for saving journalism

  1. I just finished reading ‘Let’s stop putting entire newspaper online.’ I think you might have created a new model and wholeheartedly agree with creating a news Web site that is fundamentally different from the print edition. I see how this concept works with small circ dailies. However, I wonder about small circ free weeklies, of which I’m the news editor and a new member of the Gatehouse Media family.

    Now, I do the “dump” on Thursdays and the site is not touched again until the next week.

    I definitely want a way to offer our online readers more current news, but from a practical standpoint…our sports editor covers a Saturday afternoon football game…we publish on Friday of the following week…does he write two articles?…one for the web and one for the print version? Of course, the same goes with any late breaking Wednesday, Thursday or Friday events.

    Do we run the web version in the print version making the assumption readers will chose one or the other?

    There is definitely a a paradigm shift occurring. It’s important we land on the right side.

  2. Better thought of the Day: Ask not what your newspaper company can do for you. Start your own.

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